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Enhanced Recovery at Mount Stuart Hospital

Pictured here, Gerald Breeze, was admitted this week at 07.30 and went to theatre at 08.30.  He made a really uneventful recovery and was up with the Physio late morning and was deemed fit to be a day-case. The patient was very proactive and determined to go home the same day after X Ray and that he did at 16.30!

Gerald Breeze Enhanced Recovery

Gerald had a Uni-Lateral knee replacement under Mr Isaac, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, was very happy with his surgery and had very little discomfort .

Enhanced recovery is a new approach to the way that care can be delivered to patients having certain operations. This includes total knee and total hip replacement surgery. Enhanced recovery is a fully structured and well organised sequence of clinical care. 

Enhanced recovery improves the way in which health care is organised to allow you to get better sooner after your operation. Research indicates that after surgery the earlier a patient can get out of bed and start eating and drinking, the better. The recovery will be quicker and complications are less likely to occur. 

Benefits of ERP include:

  • Preventing long periods of fasting prior to your operation
  • Reducing the stress effect of surgery on your body
  • Minimising the use of tubes and drains after your operation
  • Returning to eating and drinking sooner
  • Reducing muscle wasting and improving mobility
  • Reducing the risk of blood clots by getting up and moving sooner
  • Making you feel better sooner
  • Leaving hospital sooner

For more information, please contact Jodie Herbert on 01803 321 633

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