Obesity and cancer links
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Obesity may soon take over from smoking as the main cause for cancer

Obesity levels across the nation are growing and recent figures from Public Health England show that the UK is the second most obese country in Europe. These levels are growing at an alarming rate and by 2030 it is predicted that 74% of UK men will be overweight, 36% obese and not far behind 64% of women will be overweight and 33% obese.

Obesity leads to a number of health related issues including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Latest research by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRAC) have linked an additional eight more cancers that can be associated with being overweight or obese, this brings the list from five to thirteen.

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Obesity is the biggest preventable cause of cancer next to smoking and these latest findings mean that Cancer Research UK’s previously estimated 18,000 cases of obesity related cancer each year is in actual fact far higher.

There is increasing pressure on the government to intervene and address the problem and yet another wake up call for the nation to take their health and lifestyle more seriously.

If you or a family member is concerned with obesity, you may wish to book a consultation with Mr Andrews, Consultant Baritric Surgeon or attend one of our complimentary information evenings.