State of the Art Endoscopy kit for Torbay’s Leading Private Hospital

State of the Art Endoscopy kit for Torbay’s Leading Private Hospital
Friday 17 March 2017

Mount Stuart Hospital’s, JAG accredited Endoscopy Unit has received £120,000 of the latest Olympus Lucera Elite Scope system with Dual Screens & Narrow Band Imaging (NBI).

NBI is an optical image enhancement technology that enhances vessels in the surface of the mucosa and patterns of the surface of the mucosa by employing the characteristics of light spectrum. It is used for Endoscopy procedures, such as Gastroscopy, Sigmoidoscopies and Colonoscopies.

The high definition imagery means the patient receives precise visual findings by the Endoscopist, which leads to an accurate diagnosis. All equipment is approved and favoured by JAG, to which Mount Stuart Hospital is accredited.

This is the latest technology, delivering a more accurate diagnosis for the patient, satisfaction by the Endoscopist that they have visual assurance to deliver a precise report. Although the stack is complex in technology, it is easy to use; the two screens mean back up if one was to fail, so significantly reducing the risk of cancelling patients due to equipment failure. 

Barbara Fitzpatrick, Day Theatre/Endoscopy Lead, said: “It is a pleasure to use and be a part of introducing new dynamic equipment. The patient is always at the heart of what we do and providing such accurate diagnosis is a fantastic advancement.” 

Picture  L to R Stuart Andrews, Consultant General Surgeon,  Barbara Fitzpatrick, Day Theatre/Endoscopy Lead,  Ciara Downes, Olympus Rep and Kate Hedges-Gower, Registered Nurse.

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