Weight Loss Surgery at Mount Stuart Hospital

Weight Loss Surgery at Mount Stuart Hospital
Friday 10 November 2017

Obesity is one of the great health threats of our time. The risks of developing almost all types of disease are made very much worse by obesity or even directly caused by it.  On average patients with a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 40 live 11 years less than people whose weight is within a normal range.

The causes of obesity are complex and do not relate to a single factor. It is fair to say most specialists believe that a person who develops excess weight over a long period of time develops changes to their metabolism that makes weight loss for them very difficult.

Weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) is an option, but it is not a magic solution. You cannot just walk in and book your surgery, not in a reputable clinic anyway.   Results are not automatic and require understanding and engagement from patients.  This is why Ramsay Healthcare’s weight loss surgery packages include an extensive programme of support which includes access to specialist nurses, dieticians and support groups to help you prepare for your surgery and support you following it.

The U.K. has very defined guidelines and strict codes of practice. There is a multi-disciplinary team approach in patient selection which would include a dietician and specialist nurse.  Only patients who have been through professional dieting and exercise programmes for a sustained period of time and failed to either lose or maintain lost weight be considered for a bariatric procedure.

Those patients with a BMI of greater than 40 stand to gain the most from of surgery.  However, there is growing evidence that lower BMI patients, especially those who already have ill health, gain significantly as well. Bariatric surgery is performed as keyhole surgery to speed recovery and most people do well, losing significant amounts of weight and improving their health and general feeling of wellbeing.

Surgery is certainly not the answer to the obesity epidemic, this will only come about with changes in the way we live and eat. However, surgery to correct excess weight in the correct person can be a life transforming event. Bariatric surgery provides a tool for change, when people are physically and mentally ready to do something that can provide long term weight control. 

Mr Andrews provides Bariatric services as part of the Ramsay Weight Loss Service from Mount Stuart Hospital in Torbay. With complimentary initial consultations, prices for procedures range from £3995 upwards, with appropriate follow up included.  Mr Andrews is a Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgeon and his NHS base is at South Devon Upper GI Unit, Torbay District General Hospital.  Mr Andrews specialises in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery including Bariatric Surgery (surgery to help correct excess weight). 

Mr Andrews is holding a complimentary information evening on 18th January, which is an ideal opportunity to ask all your questions and talk to patients who have undergone surgery themselves.

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