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Dermatology involves the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of skin and hair conditions.

Skin disorders can vary considerably in their severity and symptoms. They can be minor problems or life-threatening, some cause pain, itchiness or look unsightly. Skin conditions can have a great impact on a person’s self-confidence.

Common skin conditions include inflammatory skin diseases (acne, eczema and psoriasis), skin lesions (moles, cysts, skin tags and warts cysts), hair and nail disorders, excessive sweating and skin cancers.

Here at Mount Stuart Hospital, our team of consultant dermatologists offer easy access to local appointments for the diagnosis and treatment of common skin problems and cancerous lesions, as well as cosmetic procedures to improve the aesthetic appearance of your skin.

We provide a mole screening clinic for the early detection of skin cancer and to offer peace of mind if you’ve a mole causing you concern. We use the latest techniques in skin cancer screening including dermoscopy that offers great accuracy of melanoma diagnosis of skin lesions including moles.

We use photo-dynamic therapy (PDT) for pre-cancerous skin lesions and surface skin cancer and, MOHS’ micrographic surgery for skin cancer removal that aims to keep the wound as small as possible whilst fully removing the cancer.

Non-surgical treatments include: photo dynamic therapy (PDT), cryotherapy for skin lesions, steroid creams for eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, isotretinoin for acne treatment, anti-fungal treatments, dermal fillers, skin and facial peels, Dermaroller and laser treatment for facial rejuvenation.

We provide advanced skin surgery for the excision of skin lesions and skin cancer removal. Mount Stuart Hospital have a number of Consultant Dematologists including:

Dr Adams

Dr Davis

Dr Downs

Dr Ng