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Ear, Nose & Throat

ENT is the diagnosis, management and treatment of ear, nose and throat conditions and related parts of the head and neck.

Mount Stuart Hospital is proud to work with well renowned and experienced ENT specialists, otherwise known as otolaryngologists. They offer a full range of ENT services for the diagnosis, management and treatment of adult and child ENT patients. They work as part of a multidisciplinary team including: oral and maxillofacial surgery consultants, an audiologist, radiologists and nurses.

Our aim is to provide the best ENT care for all of our patients by understanding their individual needs and utilising the latest techniques as appropriate.

We see patients who require a simple investigation for an ENT problem through to those needing complex endoscopic sinus surgery. ENT conditions we diagnose and treat include:

  • Ear problems (otology) – hearing loss and balance, tinnitus, dizziness, ear infections, glue ear, perforated ear drum and protruding ears.
  • Nose conditions (rhinology) - nasal and sinus problems, nasal injuries, tumours and polyps of the nose.
  • Throat conditions – adenoids, tonsils, snoring and sleep apnoea, voice and swallowing issues.
  • Head, neck and facial cancers.
The following Consultants specialise in ear, nose and throat conditions at Mount Stuart Hospital:

Mr Philip Reece

Mr James Powle