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Ophthalmology at Mount Stuart Hospital

Ophthalmology is the study and treatment of eye disorders and diseases.

At Mount Stuart Hospital in Devon, we have experienced and skilled ophthalmologists who diagnose and treat common eye problems including cataracts, problems with the cornea, glaucoma, retinal disease and Meibomian cysts and eye cancers. They also care for complex eye conditions such as retinal detachment. We offer the latest treatment techniques including eye laser treatment for refractive error conditions that negates the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Our consultant ophthalmology surgeons are supported by ophthalmology-trained nurses and optometrists. They also work within larger multi-disciplinary teams to treat patients who have other underlying illnesses.

We offer convenient appointments for all our patients and the very best local eye care.

Mount Stuart Hospital are proud to have a number of excellent Consultant Ophthalmologists including

Mr A Frost

Mr J Goodfellow

Mr S Kumar

Mrs Y Osoba

Ms T Sleep