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Hip Surgery

Your hip joint is made up of a ball and a socket, muscles, ligaments and cartilage. It bears the majority of the body's weight and aids mobility.

Hip pain can be extremely painful and limiting and can become debilitating as your hip is needed for walking and mobility. Hip pain can be due to many reasons. The most common is osteoporosis which causes your hip bone to weaken and become fragile making it more likely to break or become damaged as the result of a fall or sporting injury.

Mount Stuart Hospital is proud to offer the first-class hip care from investigation of your hip problem to diagnosis, treatment and follow up for all our patients. This is made possible by our specialist hip surgeons who are supported by an expert team of professionals, excellent diagnostic equipment and comprehensive physiotherapy services. We offer hip surgeries including hip resurfacing, hip replacement, hip arthroscopy and hip revision.

The range of hip surgeries we offer

Hip replacement surgery

Persistent hip pain can interfere with your daily activities and impair your quality of life. If this is the case, it’s likely your hip surgeon will recommend hip replacement surgery. Your pain might be the result of your hip joint becoming worn or damaged due to osteoporosis or an injury like a hip fracture.

The main types of hip replacement are total hip replacement and hip resurfacing. Your hip surgeon will discuss with you the best option for your hip pain.

Total hip replacement replaces both the head of your thighbone (femoral head) and your damaged socket (acetabulum) with a prosthetic hip joint made of metal, ceramic or plastic. This improves the function of your hip joint making it easier for you to move about without pain.

Hip resurfacing trims the femoral head and caps it with a prosthetic covering and the damaged socket is removed and replaced with artificial materials as in a traditional total hip replacement.

Hip arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows your hip surgeon to look inside your hip joint using a small camera and diagnose your hip problem.

If treatment is required, it’s most often performed at the same time as diagnosis. It may be that loose bodies such as bony spurs or synovium in your joint are removed or torn cartilage is repaired.

Hip revision

Hip replacements don’t last forever, they generally last between ten and twenty years and this will depend on the amount and type of use or if they are subject to a fall or accident. Hip revision surgery involves the repair or replacement of all or part of your artificial hip joint that has been worn, damaged or loosened over time. With revision surgery the original prosthesis is removed and replaced with a new one. It can be more demanding than the original hip replacement surgery. Hip revision aims to again offer pain relief and increased mobility.

Hip block injection

Hip block injections can be used to treat pain and to find the source of your pain. They are often used in an attempt to avoid surgery when your hip joint isn’t damaged enough to quite warrant a hip replacement but you need pain relief.  They will normally only be used a few times and if you’re still experiencing pain then surgery will be necessary.

A hip block is injected into your hip joint using X-ray guidance and often offers fast pain relief. It contains local anaesthetic and a steroid to ease your pain and reduce inflammation. 

The following Consultants specialise in hip surgery at Mount Stuart hospital

Mr Ashworth 

Mr Blake 

Mr Higgins 

Mr Hockings 

Mr Isaac 

Mr Lofthouse 

Mr Punwar

Mr Ashraf Awad

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