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Knee Surgery

The function of your knee joint is to allow your legs to move when you walk, stand, run, turn and bend down whilst also providing support for your body. It’s made up of bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves.

Knee injuries and conditions are common and are often caused by sports injuries or wear and tear.

At Mount Stuart Hospital we can offer first class, local care for the diagnosis, treatment and aftercare of your knee problem. We have orthopaedic surgeons with a special interest in knee surgery who can perform a range of knee surgeries including: knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction and knee replacement surgery. Full diagnostic facilities and excellent rehabilitation services support our orthopaedic knee service.

The range of knee surgeries we offer

Knee arthroscopy

Your orthopaedic surgeon will perform knee arthroscopy in order to look inside your knee and find out more about your knee pain. It’s a minimally invasive technique whereby small incisions are made in your skin around the knee and a thin metal tube with a camera and light source, called an arthroscope, is inserted through them into your knee joint.

If treatment is necessary tiny medical instruments are inserted. Your surgeon might wash out and remove any loose material caused by wear of the joint surfaces that may be getting caught in your joint or trim and repair torn cartilage and ligaments.

Meniscal tear

The meniscus is a semi-circular cartilage in your knee joint that acts as a shock absorber between your thighbone and shinbone.

A torn meniscus is a common injury that occurs when you suddenly twist your knee. It can be injured through direct impact in contact sports. People with osteoarthritis are also at risk of tearing their meniscus. A meniscal tear can cause pain on the inside of your knee.

Minor tears often heal on their own without treatment or by just resting, using ice and medications. Some tears may require surgery. This will depend upon the size of the tear, it’s type and location.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction

Your ACL is a major knee ligament that joins your thigh and shin bones together at your knee joint. The main function of your ACL is to offer stability to your knee especially when twisting or pivoting.

Injuries to the ACL are common and can feel like your knee is giving-out from under you. Your ACL can be torn when you slow down quickly whilst changing direction and turning. In collision sports such as football, rugby, basketball and netball, direct contact to the knee from opponents can cause an ACL injury.

If your ACL is badly damaged, then knee surgery will be recommended. ACL reconstruction or knee ligament reconstruction involves your knee surgeon replacing your torn ACL with a graft from another part of your knee or from a donor. The aim of ACL reconstruction is to improve the stability and function of your knee joint.

Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty removes your damaged, worn or diseased knee joint and replaces it with a prosthetic one. It’s normally recommended when your knee joint is painful even when resting, often due to wear and tear or damage caused by osteoporosis.

You can have a partial or total knee replacement and this will depend on the extent of damage to your knee joint. A total knee replacement (TKR) replaces all the parts of your knee joint and a partial knee replacement (PKR) or uni-compartmental knee replacement replaces just the ends of the bones on one side of your knee.

Knee replacement surgery aims to relieve your knee pain and improve the mobility of your legs.

The following Consultants specialise in knee surgery at Mounts Stuart Hospital

Mr Ashworth 

Mr Blake 

Mr Higgins 

Mr Hockings 

Mr Isaac - torbaykneesurgeon.com

Mr Holroyd

Mr Ashraf Awad

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