Pain Management
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NEW Pain Management Service

About a third of us will suffer from pain that lasts more than a few weeks at some point in our lives.

Luckily, for the majority, this pain will be controlled with simple tablets and settles of its own accord without disrupting our lives too much. For those whose pain does not settle, or significantly interferes with your life, then seeing a pain management specialist may help.

If you suffer from chronic pain, including:

• Back pain
• Neck pain, including whiplash
• Leg pain, including sciatica
• Nerve pain

There is help available at Mount Stuart Hospital with Consultant Anaesthetist and Pain Management Specialist, Dr Andrew Gunatilleke.

Joint Injection information

Trigger point Injection information

Case Studies

Case Study 1*
Mr T.P is a 34 year old man who was involved in a car crash that left him with a whiplash injury. His pain did not settle and he was referred to see me after a number of years. The pain in his neck had stopped him from working, due to frequent headaches. He had not been able to find any medicines to help treat his pain. Examination revealed a number of tender points in his neck, and following a series of injections, his pain eased considerably.

Case Study 2*
Mrs B.P is a 75 year old lady who has a had low back pain for a few years that is becoming increasingly disruptive and limits her walking. She gained about 4 months pain relief from a set of injections in her low back (facet joint injections), and these were then repeated with equal success. She is now able to enjoy playing bowls and going for long walks with her friends.