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Urology at Mount Stuart Hospital

Urology is the diagnosis, medical management and surgical treatment of conditions involving the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. This comprises of: the ureters (tubes connecting your kidneys to the bladder), the adrenal glands, the bladder and the urethra (the tube that passes urine out of your body from the bladder). In men it also includes: the testes, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate and penis.

Here at Mount Stuart Hospital our consultant urologists have broad experience and practice in all areas of urology and offer a full range of medical and surgical urological services.

We provide the medical management of conditions such as urinary tract infection and prostate enlargement through to the surgical management of conditions such as BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia - a non-cancerous enlargement or growth of the prostate gland), bladder cancer, kidney stones, penile curvature, testicular lumps, pelvic floor and vaginal prolapse problems and stress incontinence.

The procedures we regularly perform include: cystoscopy, ureteroscopy, TURBT, adult circumcision, penile straightening, prostate biopsy, BPH minimally invasive surgery, TURP, vasectomy and its reversal, bladder cancer treatment, endourology to remove kidney stones and stress incontinence treatments.

We offer convenient appointments, extensive diagnostic facilities, a purpose built minor surgical unit, fully equipped ultra clean air theatre suite, a first class urology team of experts, free parking, comfortable rooms and freshly prepared food.

Our Consultants

We are very proud to be working alongside some excellent Urology consultants who are highly respected in their speciality and come highly recommended by previous patients.

Mr James Dunn

Mr Magdi Kirollos

Mr Seamus MacDermott

Mr Robert Mason

Mr Richard Pearcy

Mr Slawomir Wozniak

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  • Loans for full cost of treatment
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  • Payments made direct to hospital
  • Interest-free loan plan
  • Administration fee of £95
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  • Your choice of consultant
  • Appointments in as little as 72 hours
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  • Priority discharge
  • Freshly prepared menu
  • Private en-suite rooms*
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